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Kai Ani Village, Maui, HI

 Victory Development, Inc. 

Based in Orange County, California this arm of  the Victory Companies is a Real Estate Investment company. Primary responsibilities being commercial property investment, land acquisition, government processing & project oversight. The Company philosophy is to be on the leading edge of Smart Growth Development and Sustainable Technology.

Victory Development, Inc. has a full time team including a licensed general contractor, real estate broker, attorney and other real estate specialists such as an architect, who are all particularly adept at organizing and implementing all phases of the process from acquisition and financing to development. Their team of skilled professionals and consultants move quickly through all documentation and the bureaucratic channels to secure the needed approvals in a remarkably short period. This enables projects to proceed at a rate that minimizes time to purchase and hold for investment or go to market.


The Company takes a comprehensive approach to the acquisition of property by conducting a thorough review of every aspect of the potential project. Proper due diligence, attention to detail and vast industry experience lead to successful projects for both the community and the Company. It begins with the knowledge to make intelligent purchasing decisions that follow the Company’s strategy of selecting properties that are sensible. Property is acquired and its value increased by the Company's team preparing all documentation and  obtaining governmental approvals where needed. This includes the projects ability to comply with the company’s conscientious “green building & development” style that leads to high aesthetics and a cleaner environment. Considerations for optimum design are based on integral factors such as the most effective way for the site layout and use of green materials to have  better residential communities and commercial buildings for all to shop, live and thrive in.


Victory Development’s land and buildings will always be developed responsibly, while still generating the greatest possible return on investment. Victory Development only knows how to conduct its business in an extremely professional manor. Quite simply, there is no substitute for proven results.

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