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Associate Victory Development South


Since coming to Victory, Rachel Cushman works closely with the team in strategic planning and evaluating of new commercial acquisitions. Her duties include the reviewing of various real estate documents required, allowing the Company to  purchase and  sell real property; leasing and other related contractual matters. Rachel maintains a current  direct participation in the Company’s transactional matters, including knowledge of various regulations and practices for commercial real estate.


Prior to her work at Victory, Rachel was employed by the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach, CA.As a Dive Safety Officer, Rachel was responsible for over 200 scuba professionals, ensuring their safety at all times. Her duties included recruitment, training, management, administration, document creation, and the procedural implementation of evolving OSHA regulations within the dive department. Skilled in logistics, customer service, situational awareness, and the detailed oversight of critical data, Rachel’s ability to grow within that organization is what makes her a valuable and knowledgeable  employee of Victory Development. Her awareness of the changes in our oceans  supports the Victory team in being environmental conscientious in their endeavors.


Rachel earned a Bachelor of Science degree from  California State University, Long Beach in marine biology, with a minor in anthropology. She is an alumni of the Alpha Phi Fraternity and national titleholder of Scuba Queen USA.

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