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Victory Homes Rentals has a diverse selection of rentals varying from Studio apartments to Five Bedroom homes.

To the right is an up-to-date list of available units. Depending on the unit, some will be open during the day, others only during certain hours and still others only by appointment. Please review each unit's schedule. Units usually have applications and information sheets in the kitchen. Please take one for each person over the age of 18.

How to Apply.


After you have viewed and found the unit you like, please complete and submit a rental application for each person over the age of 18. You can upload, mail or e-mail the application using the information on the right, however we recommend you deliver it in person to one of our rental specialists to avoid accidental omissions. It's important:

  • Complete the application as fully as possible.

  • Be honest and accurate explaining any needed circumstances.

  • Make sure all contact info is current including a good number and email to reach you.

  • Include an application for every adult occupant.

  • Include any supporting information, such as current pay stubs, to assist in becoming qualified for a home. Your disposable income must be at least twice the rent amount.

  • Some units require a deposit to hold the unit. This amount would apply to your Security Deposit when you move in.

  • Non-resident cosigners are not accepted. Occupants must qualify for tenancy.

  • We will run a credit/unlawful detainer check based on the information in your application. We do not accept evictions, negative rental history or bad credit.

  • Applications may take several days to process.

  • When you have been informed that the application has been approved, please remit the balance by the move in date or submit a deposit to take the unit off the market and hold it for an agreed upon period.

  • The move in costs must be paid in the form of a CASHIERS CHECK or MONEY ORDER.


For Rent

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How to Pay:

Please remit your monthly rent by check, bank bill pay, cashier's check or money order and deliver to the address below by your due date. Certain properties accommodate electronic invoicing and ACH payment. Refer to your rental agreement for the correct payee and due date. New tenants must pay move in costs with certified funds.


Contact Us:

Victory Homes, Inc., Broker #00956886

P.O. Box 70939

Pasadena, CA 91117

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