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Hawaii Built Green

Victory Development Housing is up to 50% more energy efficient than typical new homes using Federal Energy Standards.


Victory Development brings to you an incredible energy savings break-through. The program consists of an engineered HVAC system designed by a registered mechanical engineer, spectrally selective glass, and rigorous duct testing to ensure only the highest energy efficiency possible. With this program,  homebuyers are able  to experience lower  energy bills, increased comfort, and less  maintenance while  conserving the Earth's natural resources for generations to come.


Lower Energy Bills - Increased Comfort - Reduced Fabric Fade - More Buying Power 
Quality Construction - Higher Resale Value - Less Maintenance - Conserve the Environment

Spectrally selective glass keeps homes cooler in the summer (reducing heat gain by 40%) and warmer in the winter. The windows reduce fading of interior furnishings up to 75%, while letting in nearly all visible sunlight.

Tightly sealed ductwork ensures correct air distribution and minimum leakage.

A Home Energy Rating documents that energy features have been properly installed and may qualify the homebuyer for an energy efficient mortgage.

Inspections by an independent party ensure quality installations and optimal equipment efficiencies

Mechanical engineers design the air conditioning and duct systems specific to each home. Conditioned air is correctly distributed to each room.


Victory Development homes are designed and built for energy efficiency and have been independently inspected for quality and energy features. As a result, home owners enjoy may lower energy bills, more comfort, quality construction, reduced maintenance and higher resale value and are contributing to a cleaner environment.


Engineered HVAC design
Each floorplan’s Heating,Ventilating and Air Conditioning (HVAC) system is designed by a registered mechanical engineer.

  • More efficient heating and cooling systems mean greater comfort.
  • Evenly distributed air flows help mitigate the “too hot, too cold” feeling.
  • Fewer maintenance problems associated with the heating and cooling equipment because it is “right” sized.
  • A quieter home due to elimination of oversized equipment and undersized returns.
  • Lower utility bills than homes without the ComfortWise program features.

Tight ducts
HVAC ducts are sealed for optimum performance per rigid protocols.

  • Improved indoor air quality.
  • Less dust, pollen and other pollutants.
  • Lower heating and cooling costs.
  • Consistent comfort level throughout the home.
  • Fewer drafts.

Spectrally selective glass
High performance windows reduce energy loss, fabric fade and energy bills.

  • Reflects the sun’s heat outside in the summer.
  • Reduces heat loss in the winter.
  • Blocks 75% of the infrared and ultraviolet solar energy that causes fabric fade.
  • Lets in nearly all visible sunlight without tint.
  • Reduces energy bills.

Inspections & diagnostics
Homes are inspected by a third party to ensure they comply with rigid standards.

  • Confirms that specified materials are installed.
  • Inspects quality of installations and assists builder in conforming to required protocols.
  • Ensures that the house performs as planned.
  • Documents energy upgrades, inspections and diagnostics, increased energy efficiency and energy savings.

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